Wild Website Writing Weekend


Saturday 22nd June


Sunday 23rd June

An opportunity to create your website and landing page content - in just one weekend!


Maybe you already have website / landing page content but it's blah, it's boring, it's beige, it's not working, it's not converting - you're welcome too - this is a great opportunity to start over, to revamp, to create words that work for your audience, style and business. 

People expect more information than ever before.

People want to Google you and find you.

People want to be able to easily compare your business with others.

People want to know how your business is different.

People want to know that you understand them and offer solutions.

People want to know how you can make their lives easier, better, more stylish..more, more, more.

Around half of Australian small businesses don’t have a website. AND, one of the major sticking points I come across (from small biz and website designers/developers) is the website copy. They just don’t know what to write, how to write, the best way to put it all together, or what all the SEO stuff is about.

Learn essential SEO copywriting skills, strategies and tactics to demystify creating your website copy and make sense of it all. I’ll show you how to write for your audience and your style/tone to make your business stand out online. And we’re going to get it done in one weekend.

What would it feel like to:

  • Finally have your content ready to publish

  • Have content that perfectly represents your business and branding

  • Create content that eloquently speaks directly to your ideal client

  • Receive professional, no BS copywriting guidance and help

  • Have the time, space and extras to just hook in and get it done

It’s ALL possible with my wild writing weekend!

This is not an incubator, a masterclass or any of those other slightly wanky terms. It is an immersive two days where you will learn how to do the work and actually do it - distraction free.  

Who is this for?

This writing weekend is specifically designed for business owners, from part-time or side gig soloists, to tech start-ups and small business owners looking to grow.

While applicable to all industries and business types, including business-to-business and business-to-consumers, this weekend is more suitable for services businesses rather than retail.

It’s especially relevant for business owners who are keen to position themselves as an expert, leader or authority in their field so that they may better connect with their target audience. It’s also fantastic for those positioning themselves as personal brands.

This is a general-level course, suitable for beginners, or for those who are busy doing all the day to day business stuff that your online bits get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.


If you’re confused about how your website relates to your social media relates to your email marketing, what to write about on your home page or landing pages, why your website isn’t ranking, or how you can stand out in a crowded marketplace, this wild writing weekend is for you!


I’m capping the numbers at 10 so each and every participant gets my professional copywriting / copy editing / proofreading advice and expertise.

Here’s why I do this work!


I created the wild writing weekend (as an in-person extension of my online courses) when I realised that so many small businesses and start-ups were struggling to get the content written for their websites and landing pages. These biz owners would try and do it on their own - and it’s crap or just not finished. They would ask for feedback on Facebook groups - and that’s ridiculous - they weren’t really getting the help they needed. I’ve studied this problem for years now and have found the solution.


Here’s how…get together for a distraction-free two days and just get it done - with a professional on hand to teach, to guide, to provide direction and practical advice.


A few things you need to know about me before you go any further:

  • My specialty is banishing the beige and writing on the wild side

  • I am a professional copywriter, copy editor, proofreader, content and social media manager with a background in market research

  • I believe life is too short for bad coffee, boring copy and blah cheese

  • I am addicted to coffee, bad puns and grazing platters (so we'll have those on the weekend, of course)

  • I’m known as the no bullshit girl and I’ll own that!

Not yet scared off? Awesome, let’s continue…

My wild writing weekend is the solution to your website content woes.

Here’s how things will be after the weekend:

  • You will have all of my mini online courses at your fingertips

  • You will have 5 pages of website copy ready to be published

  • You will have landing page copy ready to be published

  • You will have the skills to create on-point copy for your target audience

  • You will have the confidence to write in your unique style/tone

  • You will have access to me for another month for follow up questions, advice and coaching

Are you ready to get it done? Are you ready to write on the wild side?


Get in on this limited offering and book your spot now. Early bird pricing closes end of May (subject of availability). Why am I offering early bird pricing? Because I’m a bargain hunter and tight-arse at heart so I get it.


‘I’ve been working with Connie for over a year now and her copy has never disappointed. She is clear and thorough and always goes the extra mile to make sure it is nothing less than the best. What I love most about Connie, is that she isn’t just good at writing, but strategy and conversions. She provides services that WORK for the individual - meaning everything is tailor wrapped for YOU.’

Lacey Barratt
Birth Photographer / Exposing Birth / Lacey Barratt Photography

“When it comes to website copy, I know what I

want to say but nothing comes out...and then it’s stock standard boring. Connie gets to know you and your biz so she can write kickarse copy and website landing pages that are perfect for your style and branding. I should have contacted Connie sooner!”

Michelle Palasia
Michelle Palasia Photography


Only 10 spots available but 3 different options - Early Bird, Upfront & Payment Plan. 


Workshop over 5 weekly payments


+GST / 5 x $300 = $1500


While places available. 

Save $250

Ends 31st May 2019




Full workshop payment



Early Bird Pricing

*Available until 31st May 2019 or for the first 10 participants. After that, they're GONE.



All the extras and bonuses - just for workshop participants

  •  I’m going to give you all my online mini courses and bonus content BEFORE the weekend so you can get a head start on the way you want to write and who you’re writing for. This is valued at $150 +GST.

  • I’m going to give you one month of my Content Coaching service. What's included in that I hear you ask? This is valued at $250 +GST


    • 1 hour of coaching via phone, Skype or Zoom - if you're local we can definitely do this over coffee - to get help with your strategy, direction or just to have your questions answered by a professional.


    • 1 hour of professional services - get copy editing, proofing or tweaking of the content you have created. Receive advice and feedback with your target audience and business goals in mind.


    • UNLIMITED email support - got a question? Stuck on something? Just email it through and get the answer.


Got questions? Of course you do and since I’m the no BS girl...here’s all the nitty gritty details…all in one spot, upfront.

If you do have more questions just sing out and grab me at hello@integratedcopy.com




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